Our Services are changing! :)

Good Afternoon everyone! 🙂

Beginning April / 1 / 2019, WorkBC will offer better services for people who need support to re-enter the workforce, access training opportunities and find good jobs.

As EPBC (Employment Program of British Columbia) Contractors, we cannot retain any sensitive client information and must delete all electronic client records prior to the beginning of the new program. This includes the files located in your account.

Please ensure that you have all your documents saved to an external location prior to April/ 1 / 2019.

Please if you have any questions come into your local WorkBC office, here in Fort St James. Located at 242-250 Stuart Drive (In the Goodwin Building).

We are here to help create you an email address or help with transferring your resume onto a USB stick.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Look forward to seeing you soon!

**Sam Hurrell

Reception/Resource Assistant

Fort Outreach Employment Services

P.O. Box 1209                                Phone: 250.996.8251

242-250 Stuart Drive                     Toll Free: 877.996.8251

Fort St. James, BC  V0J 1P0          Fax: 250.996.8236